Produced by Jamshied Sharifi

This album is a must-have for anyone interested in the path of yoga and transformation. It offers a complete spiritual experience in and of itself. The album is aptly named for it not only comes from the awakened consciousness of these amazing musicians, but it also guides us, the listeners, along the path toward the same. Enjoy Your Awakening!
Tommy Rosen

Review by Tommy Rosen

1. Ong Namo – divine wisdom & guidance (7:48)

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Guru Dev Namoh Guru Deva

I bow to the Creator, I bow to the Divine Teacher within.
I bow before my highest consciousness.
Chanting this mantra gets you in touch with your truest most inner being.

2. Aad Gurey Nameh – protection (6:02)

Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Namay, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh

Guided from the primal core and beginning,
Through every moment of experience and activity,
Guided in your heart’s deepest truth and being
By the unseen Infinity of your highest self.

3. Har Har Mukanday – liberation (8:57)

Har is the creative aspect of Infinity. Mukunday is the Liberating aspect of the Self. The Giver of Liberation. This mantra turns challenges into opportunities, removing fear.

Lyrics adapted from the poem „Liberate my Soul“ by Rumi:

Take from me what I want,
Take from me what I do,
Take from me what I need,
Take from me everything.

Take from me everything , ( Oh my beloved)
that takes me from you , ( Oh my beloved)
Fill me with your Love ,( Oh my beloved)
Liberate my soul . ( Oh my beloved)

4. Sat Gur Prasad – the blessing of life (7:44)

Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar.

One created the creation. The True Guru has blessed us with a gift. All that happens is a blessings from the One Creator. This mantra removes all obstacles and reminds us who we really are.

5. Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnaee – taking refuge (8:43)

Guru Ram Das ever protect me and take me into his sanctuary.

combined with Guru Ramdas Chant given by Yogi Bhajan:
Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ramdas Guru

6. Shree Ma – universal mother (5:04)

Shree Ma, Kali Ma, Aadhi Ma, Pahi Ma.

Venerable mother Kali, Creatrix of this universe, you are primal and you are holy. I adore you.

Spanish lyrics by Angelika and Markus:
Divina Madre, escucha mi alma
Llevame en tu mirada / llevame en tu danza de la vida.
con tu belleza abre mi corazón.

7. Oh My Soul – Kabirs Song (4:45)

Lyrics: Kabir
Translation by Livtar Singh and Ganga

Oh my soul, you come and you go,
through the paths of time and space.

In useless play, you’ll not find the way,
so set yourself free and go.

SING such a song with all your life,
You will never have to sing again.

LOVE such a ONE, with all your heart,
You will never need to love again.

WALK such a path, with all your faith,
You will never have to wander again.

PRAY such a prayer, with all your heart,
You will never have to pray again.

GIVE yourself to such a Guru,
You will never have to seek again.

DIE such a death, at the feet of God,
You will never have to die again.

BREATHE my Love, breathe my Love, breathe in your quite center.

8. Sat Siri Siri Akal – aquarian age (7:42)

Sat siree, siree akaal, siree akaal, maahaa akaal,
maahaa akaal, sat naam, akaal moorat, wha-hay guroo

Great Truth. Great beyond Death. Great beyond Death.
Geat beyond Death.
Truth is His Name. Deathless Image of God.
Great Beyond Words is this Wisdom.

This mantra captures the frequency of the Aquarian Age as we cross the threshold into it. The mantra helps us to establish ourselves outside the change of time as deathless beings. We are timeless. Everything we do is from the timeless space of the soul.

9. Go In Beauty (2:58)

Lyrics: traditional

Go in Beauty
Peace be with you
until we meet again
in the light of our hearts.

May peace prevail on earth.