Mountain Sadhana (2005)

Mountain Sadhana is a mixture of six mantras from the Kundalini Yoga daily morning meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Mirabai musicalized these mantras with own musical compositions and together with friends recorded and produced this album in the Xochipili Studio in Chalmita by the mountains near Mexico city. It is a homage for the blue light at dawn, the change from night to day and invites us to sing along, or you can also just listen to the music and allow the healing sounds work on you. The voices from Angelika and Markus are accompanied by the harp, guitar, bass, silver flute, and percussion. The booklet contains the Mantra Lyrics with English translation.

Cycle of Life, Single (2010)

Cycle of Life is an incredible musical offering from Mirabai Ceiba, with soaring vocals and an orchestra of world instruments that will take you deep into an experience of the self. This album contains music and written instructions for the powerful meditations Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma) – 31 min. and Healing Ra Ma Da Sa – 31 min. Kirtan Kriya is a meditation to bring balance to one’s life by connecting with the cycle of creation. Healing Ra Ma Da Sa is the most powerful healing meditation in the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

Night in Ram Das Puri, Single (2010)

This album has 2 incredible 31-minute meditations for Purification & Creation. With detailed descriptions for doing these meditations, this album is an incredible tool for your meditative practice.

The Heart of Healing, Single (2009)

Two meditations with instructions for bringing healing to your entire lineage, from your ancestors to your future. Ardas Bhaee to heal your Karma and your lineage and learn to walk the distance in gratitude to heal your destiny. Guru Guru Wahe Guru Ram Das Guru to show reverence and blessings to your ancestors and heal your lineage.

The ‚Meditations for Transformation‘ series is a beautiful offering to the yoga community. Each CD contains 2 31-minute meditations. Within the packaging is a detailed description of the mudra to use in practicing the meditation accompanied by details of the benefits of doing the meditations.

Sat Narayan, Single (2011)

True sustainer, indescribable wisdom, creative sustenance, true identity.
Chanting this mantra gives inner space, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind.