Waking Woman Celebration

Czech Republic

22-28 July 2024

New date soon

Coming together as women is not only a beautiful thing, but very much needed in these times of great transformation of old paradigms.

Where we as women have to place ourselves in the world with all our strength and vulnerability, all our gifts and longings. We live in a time where the feminine nature wants to manifest and establish new ways of relating, of moving through life.

This is for men and women equally, but if we can step into our nature as women, this already moves so much around us, and it is our responsibility to hold ourselves as we are.

This is where coming together in this circle becomes important, as we are mirrors to each other, and inspire each other.

This retreat is an invitation to women of all ages, and also this is a wonderful opportunity to share deep experiences and nature with your mothers, daughters, sisters.

This enables you to deeply bond with each other, with your own lineage.

Break me
Shed the layers that hold me
Behold me – with all that is

Make my wounds into the beauty
Of opening and closing
And opening. Again

Truly let me witness this breaking – open –
Spiralling through, down and around
All the way into the center of my being

Make my flesh and bones become one
Exchanging space with all the spaces in between
Re-awakening what has been forgotten

Not only is this moment a remembrance
Of what has come before
It also gives way to anticipation

Of longing wanting to belong
Of tenderness wishing to be touched upon
And of knowing wanting to be acknowledged

Break me
Open me
Guide me

Take me by the hands
And crack me wide open
So my heart can lead me the way

Caroline S’Jegers



  • 7:00 – 8:30 – Morning practice (yoga, Chi Kung, Dance, hike, chanting…)
  • 9:00 – 10:00 – Breakfast
  • 10:30 – 1:00 – Session
  • 1:30 – 2:30 – Lunch
  • 4:30 – 6:30 – Session
  • 7:00 – Dinner
  • 8:00 – 9:30 – Music, dance, sharing, rituals, meditation…

The program will be prepared ahead, knowing that this retreat is a living circle that will weave its own story during the days together as well.

Retreat Details

New date soon

ARRIVAL: Monday July 22 after 4:00 PM for registration, dinner at 7:00 PM

DEPARTURE: Sunday July 28, around noon, after brunch

VENUE: Organic Farm Soběsuky, Soběsuky 85, 33501 Nepomuk – www.organic-farm.cz ↗︎

GPS: Latitude: 49.46048 | Longitude: 13.54764

Retreat will be held mainly in ENGLISH with translation in other languages possible as available.


Travel Details

Foreigners most often take the praha-vimperk bus and are either picked up by the organizer there or take a taxi. Upon agreement, we can also help with the transfer.

About Organic Farm Soběsuky


The organic farm is located on the border between the village of Soběsuki and the surrounding forests, meadows and fields. 70 km from the German border.
Looking at the panoramas of the Plánický ridge fills you with a feeling of freedom and connection with nature. You will be pampered by peace surrounded by trees, herbs, a permaculture garden, a pond, animals and natural materials used.
Here you can experience, for example, an outdoor wedding with a ceremony among birch trees and a view of the region, followed by a celebration and barefoot dancing in the grass. Or as a participant in one of our courses, or with a group of your friends during a weekend stay.
Our wish is for it to reach the right people at the right moment and thus fulfill its purpose.


From Prague, Na Knížecí, take the bus 3707016 to «aut.nádr.» (Autobusové nádraží) in Strakonice.

Walk over to the train station in about 3 min.

From Strakonice, take the train Os 18114 to Vimperk.


Portrait: Angelika Baumbach

Angelika Baumbach

Throughout her life there has always been two paths that interweave each other, music and the deep work with people in its many facets. She has been part of retreats for inner growth and community of all kinds since childhood, started leading children’s camps as a teenager, and has created and led Waking Woman retreats since many years.

Music has been deeply embedded all along the journey, serving as a fine thread to weave between cultures, the voice and singing together being a main focus.

She has travelled the world with Markus and their daughters offering concerts, workshops and retreats, and homeschooled Pema and Alina with a Waldorf curriculum, something that opened a completely new way to connect with children and their stages of development, as well as consciously creating a deep bond with them.

Portrait: Alina Djamila

Alina Djamila

Grew up traveling the world, being exposed to many cultures, lifestyles, and languages. She also has been part of many retreats since early childhood, which has given her a deep sense and feeling for people.
She homeschooled all her life and then finished high school on her own, and is currently studying in Spain in a theatre school where the main exploration is with the self. She will hold space for our younger girls.

Portrait: Carrie Tree

Carrie Tree

Holding music as the center of her life, Carrie has traveled to diverse lands, sharing her passion and love of song. She also sees the need and power of therapeutic work to bring us back into balance and has studied many different fields in support of that. She trusts and upholds the depth of connection that can happen when we gather together. Her website: www.carrietree.co.uk ↗︎

Special Guest

Portrait: Brenda Mc Morrow

Brenda McMorrow

Canadian musician Brenda McMorrow shares a unique and warmly embracing style of music, in which she blends elements of acoustic folk, world rhythms, ancient Indian mantras and Spanish medicine songs with a sweetly introspective singer-songwriter’s sensibility. Yoga Journal describes Brenda as having “a knack for expressing the deepest realizations in the sparsest lyrics”. Spiritual teacher Ram Dass has said: “Brenda has a gift”, and her music has been touching people’s hearts across the planet. Her website: www.brendamcmorrow.com ↗︎


Adult Early Bird double bedroom755 €
Adult Late Bird double bedroom860 €
Adult Early Bird tent / caravan 655 €
Adult Late bird tent / caravan755 €
Adult Early Bird glamping / meditation room / mattresses690 €
Adult Late Bird glamping / meditation room / mattresses790 €
Girls 10-17 double bedroom540 €
Girls 10-17 tent / caravan445 €
Girls 10-17 glamping / meditation room / mattresses485 €

Early bird price valid until April 30th, 2024
Late Bird price valid after May 01st, 2024

The deposit for the retreat per person is 450 euros.

Accommodation is possible:

  1. Rooms (double occupancy) / There are only 10 rooms, for a total of 20 people. If you are interested in a room, please pay the deposit as soon as possible and add to the note that you are reserving a room.
  2. Your own tent or caravan in the meadow on the farm / electricity, showers and toilets and drinking water are available just next to it.
  3. Very comfortable Glamping tent with lighting and mattresses (3-4 people occupancy). Electricity, showers and toilets and drinking water are available next to it.
  4. In the house in a large meditation room with mattresses / 12 places /

Special rates for single mothers, students and women in a difficult situation are possible upon request:
Please write an email to and we find the way together.


…is due in full within 10 days after the registration.

After your registration we will send you a detailed calculation with the total costs!

If you have any question or need more information please contact Lu:

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    Early bird price valid until April 30th, 2024
    Late Bird price valid after May 01st, 2024


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    After your registration we will send you a detailed calculation with the total costs!


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